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Screen Printing is a cost effective and durable method of apparel decoration. Ink is applied to the surface of the garment by a blade or a squeegee pushing ink through a fine mesh screen and then cured in a conveyor dryer.

Best items for Silkscreen application: T-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, uniforms, blankets and towels.

Advantages of Silkscreen: Cost effective method of apparel embellishment, especially for large quantities.

Below are popular logo placements for this kind of printing.


Embroidery is the embellishment of fabric with needle and thread by machine. Embroidery is available with a wide variety of thread colors and creates a professional and finished look.

Best items for Embroidery application: Jackets, polo shirts, hats, blankets, dress shirts and uniforms.

Advantages of Embroidery: Creates a professional and finished look.

Below are popular logo placements for this kind of printing.

Pants & Shorts Printing Locations

Both embroidery and screen printing are popular decoration methods for pants and shorts. Below are the most popular print locations.


The dye-sublimation process is one that uses heat to transfer dye onto a white fabric. The result is a durable and vibrant full color image that literally becomes part of the fabric. The graphic possibilities are endless with this type of decoration and an entire uniform can be matched during production with no need for additional customizing.

Best items for Sublimation: Uniforms, t-shirts, sweatshirts and shorts.

Advantages of Sublimation: Lettering or design becomes part of the fabric. A more cost-effective method to incorporate multiple logos and colors into the design of your garment.

Tackle Twill

Tackle Twill begins with a “patch” of sorts that is applied to the jerseys, shirt or other garment that is then sewn to the material for a more rugged finish. Tackle Twill is the most popular for both professional sports teams and school athletic organizations.

Best items for Tackle Twill application: Uniforms

Advantages of Tackle Twill: This type of applique offers a bold look to your uniform or jersey while creating a three-dimensional work of art.


Chenille is the French word for caterpillar, which refers to the texture and short pile of fabric that gives patches a soft carpet like touch.

Best items for Chenille application: Varsity jackets and Cheerleading.

Advantages of Chenille: Durable application that creates strong professional look.

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