Slip Knott

Slip Knott Sticky Mat Set (Small)

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Keep a better grip on the court with the SS60 Slipp-Nott Sticky Mat shoe traction system. This set includes one small SS60 base and one mat package of 60 sheets. Slipp-Nott sticky mats eliminate hand wiping of shoe soles for better traction and less slippage on the court. The SS60 is ideal for basketball, volleyball and other indoor sports. Removes dust, dirt and wax build-up from athletic shoe soles with one quick action. Rip off and discard the sheets as they become soiled. Ribbed rubber bottom for floor protection. For storage, keep the mat flat and out of the sun

  • Base: 18.75''W x 17.75"H
  • Vulcanized rubber back on base
  • Includes base & 60 sheets
  • Increases maneuverability